Macular Support

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Macular Support is a synergistic blend of standardized herbs that enhance vision by minimizing free-radical damage.

Macular Support provides ocular nutrients for aging eyes, night vision, macular degeneration, distance vision, clarity and color perception. As we age, the body's natural supply of Lutein can decrease. 

The formulation features lutein, a vitamin that is largely present in the macula or central area of the retina.

Bilberry (leaf) (Vaccinium myrtillus)
Eyebright (whole) (Euphrasia officinalis)
Carrot (root) (Daucus carota)
Fo-Ti (root) (Polygonum multiflorum)
Lutein (Marigold)
Zeaxanthin (Marigold)
Meso-Zeaxanthin (Marigold)

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