About Us

Mission Statement

To offer high quality ingredients without any harmful fillers and binders for a reasonable price.   We strive to empower all humans with cutting edge ingredients to optimize their health, to have more energy and enthusiasm for life’s goals and adventures.

Our focus is on integrity, joy, connections and creating value for health minded people not on profits. 

What we do

Your Signature Supplements provides a Holistic Mind-Body-Spirit approach to living your life to the fullest with traditional medicine, modern science and rigorous real-life testing.   We create and deliver products, information and offer consulting for anyone who wants to experience incredible health, energy, performance, longevity and a limitless and joyful life.

Who we are

Our company founder, Dr. CC is an innovator in formulating condition specific supplements.  In working with 1,000 of clients she was able to test and adjust various nutritional supplements. Based on the data she was able to find the most synergistically complete formulas for various health concerns.  In working with various supplement brands, Dr. CC quickly realized that not all supplements worked the same or very well.  When she began developing her own natural formulas, she found that adding ‘excipients’ was considered completely normal and required with all of the manufacturing companies she had approached to make her supplement line.  After extensive research into these questionable, potentially harmful binders and fillers, Dr. CC decided not to compromise the quality of her supplements with these non-nutritive excipients. 

About Dr. CC

“I grew up with a mix of conventional medicine and holistic medicine.  My Grandmother and Mother were both medical health professionals whom rarely allowed sugar or processed food in the house.   In my early 20’s I began to experience serious pain and various autoimmune issues.   I began seeking treatment from many different healers including medical doctors, homeopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, nutritionist”   

While working as a professional Dancer and Acrobat she was constantly dealing with extreme pain, chronic fatigue, anxiety and thyroid issues.  She was regularly taking pain killers, Valium and extreme dieting.  At 27 she hit rock bottom with her health and was really worried about what her future would look like with her health deteriorating. After not finding much relief from conventional medicine she decided to take her health in her own hands, getting lots of books from the library as there was no Google at the time, and attempt to heal herself.  Finding books on the healing benefits of raw fruits and vegetables, cleansing the body and Hulda Clark’s book ‘Cure for all Diseases’ set her on a path of following a diet of whole foods, cleansing her body of parasites, heavy metals, candida and colon cleansing herbs as well as enzymes and supplements to heal and repair her gut.  After adopting principles of cleansing the body and receiving optimal nutrition she realized the body is capable of incredible healing with natural methods.