Gut Health with Pre & Probiotics for Dogs and Cats

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Our Gut Health formula offers digestive care for your pet as well as supporting the immune system and overall wellness. Tummy aches, loose stool, gas, low energy—it always hurts to see our pets suffer from chronic or periodic intestinal issues. It’s why we created Green Paw's Gut Health with Probiotics + Prebiotics to keep your pet's digestive system humming along perfectly. Best results achieved through consistent use.

Directions for Use: If giving more than 1 capsule daily, divide between AM and PM. Capsule may be given whole, in a pill pocket, or opened and sprinkled.

Ingredients: Lactobaciullus Blend, Acacia Gum, Chicory Root, Burdock Root, Beet Root, Flaxseed Oil, Asparagus, Dandelion Root

*For use in Dogs and Cats over the age of 12 weeks

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