Cholesterol Improve - 100 Capsules

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CHOLESTEROL IMPROVE combines synergistic herbs traditionally known for their cholesterol-balancing properties. Guggul has been known as a cholesterol-regulating resin recognized for its ability to maintain LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels already in a normal range.*

This is a Drug Free synergistic blend of herbs that supports a balanced cholesterol *

Studies largely support the therapeutic claims for Guggul described in ancient Ayurveda

Evidence suggests that sumac has beneficial effects on metabolically related diseases

Biochemical effects, hypolipidemic and anti-inflammatory activities of Mugwort extract

Guggal (gum resin) (Commiphora mukul)
Suma (root)(Pfaffia paniculata)
Horsetail(whole)(Equisetum arvense)
Oatstraw (whole)(Avena Sativa)
Mugwort(whole(Artemisia vulgaris)
Passion Flower (leaf)(Passiflora incarnate)
Gotu Kola (whole)(Hydrocotyle)
Red Yeast Rice
Cayenne(fruit)(Capsicum annum)

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