Antioxidant Berry Active - 100 Capsules

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Antioxidant Berry Active - If you exercise, drink alcohol or have diabetes and/or live a busy/stressful life, then the amount of antioxidant foods you consume needs to be doubled or tripled.

  • Maintain health with full body antioxidant support: Crucial to good health, antioxidants help support a strong and healthy immune system. Loaded with superfood extracts like pomegranate, this supplement boosts energy, supports the immune system, and supports a healthy heart.

  • Super antioxidants for radiant skin: As the body’s largest organ, your skin needs some special TLC!

  • With Acai Berry, Blue Berries and Cranberries our supplement helps promote healthy, radiant skin!

  • Natural antioxidants supplement

*The USDA recommends a Daily Antioxidants Intake Range of 3, 000 to 5,000 ORAC (antioxidant foods) as a minimum to cope with the average rate of oxidation.


Blueberry Juice
Cranberry Juice
Baobab superfruit powder
Grape Seed Extract
Pomegrante Alpha Lipoic Acid
CoQ10 Enzyme


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